About Us

Faced with an ongoing occupation that has led to the construction of an Israeli-built wall that has cut through the lands of Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Beit Sahour, the Christian community of these three cities, known as "The Christian Belt" of the Holy Land, is struggling to see hope in a future for the next generations.

Rather than give into despair, self-pity or selfishness, AHDAF (Meaning "Goals" in Arabic) seeks to give spiritual strength to those living in Bethlehem through social programs and support for those most in need, the oldest and youngest of our community, the disadvantaged and the disabled.

AHDAF is a non-denominational, non-political organization that does not ask our supporters to take sides in the complex issues of the region, but simply to see the need of our work.

AHDAF is a registered charitable organization with an Executive Director, Board of Directors and network of local and international supporters that all work on a volunteer basis. We have many projects that we would like to initiate, and started with one initial program (Saint Martha’s House), and are preparing to launch two more in the near future: Saint Lazarus’s House for Elderly Men and a twinning parish school program.

Our projects to best meet the vision of AHDAF.

Lastly, our members are personally committed to the vision of AHDAF. In doing so, we have given up other opportunities to make our goals happen.  Our work, our donation of time, talent and resources is a labor of love for our community and our faith.