Director Message

A Message from Laila Asfoura, Director of AHDAF

Dear Friends;

I am pleased to introduce the work of AHDAF to our friends, supporters and visitors to our new website. My name is Laila Jackaman Asfoura. I live in Bethlehem with my husband, Salim, my daughter, Maria, and my many relatives. I am a member of Bethlehem’s Christian community, which has been a part of “the Bethlehem story” since the time of Christ.

I have been blessed in my life to have a loving family, good friends and the means to provide for myself and others. Even with all the difficulties that life in Bethlehem brings, I can look and realized how blessed I am to have received these gifts from God. I am now at a stage in my life where I am able to give back to Bethlehem; the city where I was born, raised and studied, married, raised my own daughter and earned my living. When I spent some years in Columbia before returning to Bethlehem, I realized how special of a place my home is, not only to myself but also to the world.

Now, in this time of trial and uncertainty, I feel that my calling is to support those Christians of Bethlehem who are in most need: the elderly, the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. With the support of my friends and family, I have founded AHDAF with the thought that we, the people of Bethlehem, can make the difference that will ensure the future of our beloved home for generations to come. We do need the support of the international community, through prayer, advocacy and donations, but this support must come from a partnership with people, parishes and institutions who share their love of Bethlehem with us.

I believe that anyone called to support the work of AHDAF will find that their lives become richer, more rewarding and more meaningful as they make closer ties to Bethlehem, the city that means so much to all those who believe in leading a Christian life. It is my hope that you  find that AHDAF has a place in your life as well.

From Bethlehem,

Laila Asfoura Founder and Executive Director, AHDAF.